The Tattoo Authority of the Northeast

Tattoos in Connecticut are easy to come by, but in order to get the best tattoo service in the entire northeast, you need to come to Enfield, Connecticut where you will find Torture Ink.

Even though Torture Ink is, hands down, the best tattoo shop in the entire area, we continually make improvements to assure that we keep our reputation as the “Tattoo Authority of the Northeast.” We do this by hiring only the most talented body artists in existence, and using the latest and greatest tattoo techniques, with which most artists aren’t even familiar. We also maintain a very high degree of cleanliness and sanitation. We exercise extreme safety measures to protect each of our customers’ health and well-being.

Another way in which we serve each of our customers is to provide them with pricing that they can afford. Some tattoo shops get greedy and take advantage of the spontaneous wants of their customers, which sometimes overrides their sound financial judgment. At Torture Ink, we do just the opposite. We offer special pricing and incentives to assist those who have wanted a tattoo but have been unable to afford it. We also offer special pricing on our cover up services. Those who have a tattoo that they really want to cover up are provided with affordable pricing so that they can get it done by our extremely talented cover up artists. The reason that we offer this high level of customer service is because we are not driven by greed. We understand that by taking great care of each of our clients, we will see them again and again as they decide to expand their tattoo canvas. We also understand that every tattoo that we place on a body is a walking billboard for Torture Ink. We are proud of the work we do, and we know that our customers are continually being asked where they got their body artwork done. Word of mouth is very valuable to us, and it is by far our best advertising medium.

Torture Ink is involved in community service and activities. We know that by becoming involved in local events, people will remember our name and who we are. We know that by sponsoring events and attending special functions, that people in the community will recognize us as a professional establishment who cares.

Located at 654 Enfield St. in Enfield, CT, Torture Ink is one of the largest tattoo shops in the nation. Unlike the majority of tattoo establishments, we are one of the few in the nation that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which really says something.

In addition to tattoos, Torture Ink provides high quality body-piercing services. We use the most medically safe and sanitary methods available, and provide an array of body jewelry to choose from right in the shop. We also offer airbrushing and pin striping services.




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