Choose Your Tattoo Shop Wisely

Enfield Ct tattoo parlor, Torture Ink, is the premier tattoo shop in Connecticut and the surrounding areas. As an authority on the subject, Torture Ink is very aware of the safety of their clients, and they want to make sure that going to anyone other than a top-tier, well-trained professional could be dangerous, and could lead to severe consequences regarding the happiness or health of the tattoo recipient.

Tattoos and body art are rapidly becoming the mark of the 21st century. Over a quarter of those under the age of 30 have at least one tattoo. Whether they are compelled by the desire for personal expression, or just youthful spontaneity, most tattoo recipients get them without considering the health risks associated with going to the wrong establishment. Many feel that just because a place is in the “tattoo business,” they are proficient and sanitary. Unfortunately, this is far from the case.

Anyone getting a tattoo can do so with a very satisfactory outcome. It does, however, require that you exercise some common sense and make the right choices. Tattooing is an invasive, skin-puncturing procedure, so the recipient becomes subject to the cleanliness and sanitation of the artist and the establishment administering the body art.  A tattoo is a permanent piece of art that is administered by pricking the skin. Typically, a hand held tattoo machine is used. It acts much like a sewing machine, with one or more needles inserting tiny ink droplets under the skin’s top layer. There is a small amount of bleeding, and some pain, from slight to significant, depending on the size and location of the art being produced.

Upper echelon tattoo establishments, such as Torture Ink, go to great lengths to assure that each of their clients are well treated with the most sanitary methods in existence, assuring that no infection occurs due to a lack of care and cleanliness on their part. These are some of the precautions that are taken at Torture Ink:

  • The shop is kept clean and hygienic.
  • All needles, instruments and jewelry for tattoos and body piercing are sterile at the time of use.
  • The operators are free of any exposed cuts or wounds, and are dressed in clean clothing.
  • Health information on getting a tattoo is provided before the body art is administered.

At Torture Ink you will find a shop that takes every precaution to assure a clean, healthy environment in which you can feel confident as your body art becomes a reality. Any tattoo establishment should adhere to a few safety rules in order to be as sanitary and infection-free as Torture Ink. A tattoo artist should always:

  • Wash his or her hands at the beginning, the ending, and throughout the procedure each time a break is taken, or a phone is answered, etc.
  • Clean and disinfect the skin of the customer where the tattoo or piercing is to take place.
  • Wear disposable surgical gloves on both hands throughout the procedure
  • Assure that all of the instruments are sterilized
  • Never smoke, drink or eat during a procedure
  • Provide a complete set of instructions on how to properly care for your new tattoo or piercing.

The tattoo shop you go to can only adhere to their safety standards. At the end of the day, it is the tattoo recipient’s responsibility to follow the directions for post procedure care to avoid infection.

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