Torture Ink, the Tattoo Authority of the Northeast

If you are looking to get a Tattoo Connecticut Style, then there is only one place to go. Actually, if you are looking to get a tattoo “any style,” there is still only one place to go, and that is Torture Ink.

We are located in Enfield, Connecticut, and we serve the local community, but we service many clients from Hartford County, Springfield and Bridgeport areas, as well as Boston, Massachusetts. We are a full service tattoo shop, and we boast the title of The Tattoo Authority of the Northeast.” Not only do we boast about having the cleanest shop, the best artists and the highest quality of products, we actually produce what we say we do.

Tattoos are not like a bad haircut. If you get a bad tattoo, you will have to live with it for the rest of your life, and Torture Ink knows that! Every customer that walks in the door to get his or her first tattoo, or 100th tattoo, will get the quality, cleanliness and professionalism that only Torture Ink can deliver.

All of our tattoo artists are specialists, many having over twenty years of experience. They can help you decide on a design, or they can make the tattoo that you have in your head become a reality. Not only can they place the tattoo on your body, they can recreate it on a decal, or airbrush it onto something that will be seen by many, such as a truck tailgate or a motorcycle helmet.

If you are not sure about how the tattoo will look on you, we can make a temporary tattoo for you with your design, and let you see exactly what it will look like on your body. If you decide that it looks as good as you suspected, we will place the real deal on your skin. If you don’t like how the temporary tattoo looks, then we will start back at square one and help you design something that you will love for the rest of your days.

The reason that Torture Ink has become such a legend in the world of tattooing is not just the trend setting shop, not just the extremely talented artists, and not just the modern techniques that very few other artists even know about. The reason that we are the success that we are is because we know who the most important person in our establishment is. It is YOU, the customer. No matter how advanced or talented we are, we are nothing if we don’t have our customers. It is our customer service that sets us apart from all of the other Connecticut tattoo shops. We treat you as if you are our only client, taking great care to make sure that you are comfortable with the step you are about to take, and helping you decide on the body art that will most benefit you in the long run.

We also offer the most sanitary, safe and up-to-date body piercing techniques. We have a huge selection of body jewelry right here in the shop.

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