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Hartford Tattoo Shops are Close to Torture Ink

Hartford tattoo shops, as well as those in the Boston area, Springfield and Bridgeport are all shops that share a geographical region with Torture Ink, located in Enfield, Connecticut. Torture Ink continues to set the bar for itself, as well as the surrounding tattoo communities, by continually looking out for its customers and sharing updated information on tattoos, piercings and their reputation in the community.

Body art and body piercings are becoming more and more accepted as a form of legitimate expression and creativity. In the bigger cities such as New York or Los Angeles, they have grown to be a large part of the cultural landscape. Going back three decades, one in a hundred people sported tattoos in this country. Today, it has increased ten fold to one in ten people having tattoos.

Even though our tattoos and body piercings have become rather mainstream in our culture, and even though society is becoming more accepting to the liberal creativity, there are still some workplaces that are not so welcoming to the ever-increasing art form. Some employers may tell you that in order to work for them, you cannot display any body piercings or tattoos while working. This is actually their right, as they are breaking no laws. The law only protects people who are discriminated against based on race, color, religion, age, nationality, origin and gender. However, your company cannot use tattoos or piercings as a reason to fire you, just to not hire you.

As discovered in a recent Vault.com survey, employees and employers were polled about piercings and tattoos in the workplace. Sixty percent of the employers said that they would be less likely to hire an employee with visible tattoos or piercings, as they feared that it would reflect badly on the company. Some managers would rather let a good candidate for a job go by, than accept their body art.

As far as a reason why people would think less of a person with tattoos or piercings is perhaps because they associate these things with bikers, sailors, criminals and gang members, which is outdated thinking and completely stereotypical. While you may see it as self-expression or free speech, your boss may think it’s a sign of rebellion.

There are many employers that share this limited mentality of how their employees should present themselves. Surprisingly, one of the companies that do not allow tats or piercings to show is Starbucks. In order to work there, all tats must be covered and piercings removed.

The good news is that times are changing. There are employers that are embracing tattoo and piercing body art. Ford Motor Company allows everyone from the executive management on down to have whatever body art they want, with no restrictions, save they ask the factory workers to remove any piercings that may put them in mechanical danger. When Borders Books was thriving, they also allowed their employees to express themselves in the form of tats and piercings, as does Wahoo’s, a California based fish taco chain. Dutch Brothers Coffee is another business that allows free expression. These are just a few businesses of thousands that are seeing past the conservative stereotype of tattoos and piercings.

It is a good idea, however, if you are interviewing for a job, to take into consideration the fact that there may be restrictive policies regarding your body art, so think about covering them up until you know for sure.

Springfield Tattoo Parlors Fall Short to Nearby Torture Ink

One would think that people living in Springfield, Massachusetts would use Springfield tattoo parlors, but that is not usually the case. After all, why would they go to a tattoo shop in Springfield, when just 13 miles down the road they could go to Torture Ink in Enfield, Connecticut for their body art? Torture Ink has been labeled the Tattoo Authority of the Northeast, and maintains that reputation throughout the area.

Torture Ink places a great emphasis on the cleanliness and safety procedures to assure that their clients will be best served in a sanitary fashion. We also provide body-piercing services utilizing the most sanitary, medically safe and least rejected piercing procedures possible. We have a huge array of body jewelry available on site, and will pierce any part of the body that the client desires. It is done right here at the tattoo shop.

No matter where you go for a tattoo, it is important to be sure that the tattoo parlor you choose is safe and clean. One must remember that the tattoo artist will be sticking needles into the skin of the clients, so it pays to choose wisely when selecting the right shop. Don’t hesitate to ask the tattoo artist questions about the cleanliness and the experience he or she has. If you can’t bring yourself to ask these questions, then you need to wait until you are comfortable … don’t take chances when it comes to your health and safety.

When a tattoo artist applies a tattoo, he or she should use a brand new, sterile needle. Request that the artist review the entire tattoo procedure with you before beginning so that you know precisely what to expect. Have the artist explain what the tattoo machine does, and make sure that you are both aware of exactly what the design will look like upon completion. The artist should accommodate all of your wishes, and if not, you need to find a different artist. At Torture Ink, all of our skilled, experienced artists understand the importance of your comfort, and will take the time to assure that you are 100% “in the know” before proceeding with the tattoo application.

Once the tattoo is completed, the artist should apply Vaseline onto the area with a clean, disposable instrument. It should not be done by hand! Your next step is to then care for the tattoo. It is important to realize that although a new tattoo is pretty, it is still an open wound until it heals. The bandage that the artist places on the tattoo should remain there for at least 12 hours. Once it is finally removed, let it air out and dry, then wash it gently with soap and water. This should be followed up by a thin coat of antibiotic cream. This procedure should take place twice a day for the next four to five days. Also, avoid submerging the tattoo in water, such as baths, hot tubs or swimming pools until the tattoo is completely healed. Remember that it is still a wound, so avoid getting it dirty, keep it washed, and do not pick or scratch at it.

You may live in an area where Springfield tattoo parlors are closer, but for an additional twenty-minute drive, you would be best served to come to Torture Ink. We care greatly about our clients’ safety, and we do all that we can to assure that they are completely satisfied in every way.

In order to take advantage of the expertise and professionalism of Torture Ink, contact us at 888-451-9836 to schedule an appointment.

Connecticut Tattoo Shop, Torture Ink, Raises the Bar with 165-Minute Tattoo Session

Connecticut tattoo shop, Torture Ink Body Art Studioz, has once again raised the bar for the other shops in the tattoo industry. The most recent promotion we are running is the 165-Minute tattoo session for only $99. That’s two hours and forty-five minutes of high quality body art for an unprecedented price. For under a hundred dollars, one of the skilled artisans of Torture Ink will create the body art desired by the customer for what equates to be sixty cents per minute! The special runs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Torture Ink is a high caliber tattoo shop that maintains a high degree of cleanliness and sanitation, offering customers the best tattoo, body piercing, airbrushing and pin striping services in the business. The experience and expertise of the artists have given Torture Ink the reputation of being the shop where the other tattoo artists want to come to have their bodywork done.

We are located at 654 Enfield St. in Enfield, CT. At first glance, customers are aware that the shop they are visiting is not any ordinary tattoo shop. They can see and feel a degree of sophistication and professionalism that makes Torture Ink the premier Connecticut Tattoo shop. Since 2006, we have been serving the communities of Hartford County, Springfield and Bridgeport, as well as Boston, Massachusetts. There are also a slew of regular local customers who recognize the advantage of having a tattoo shop like Torture Ink right in their back yard. We are one of the few tattoo shops in the country that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Once the customer walks into the shop to get the 165-Minute tattoo special, the artist will go over the pertinent information with them, prepare them for the procedure, and the service begins. Two hours and forty-five minutes later they walk away with a brand new work of art that they can proudly display. And the best part…it won’t break their wallets!

Customers taking advantage of the 165-Minute special may wish to get a cover-up tattoo rather than brand new body art. For those that have an old tattoo that has faded, or that is no longer pertinent to them, or perhaps one that was botched by an unskilled artist, this special may be the prime opportunity to have the work done you’ve been putting off.

Getting an appointment that accommodates your busy schedule is never a problem at Torture Ink. We want to be sure that everyone can get in, so we take appointments for any time, any day of the week, night or day.

In order to take advantage of the 165-Minute special, contact Torture Ink at 888-451-9836 to schedule an appointment.

Enfield Tattoo Shop Torture Ink Offers Unprecedented Deal

Torture Ink is an Enfield tattoo shop that is one of the leaders in the industry of tattooing and body piercing, and as such, they also lead the way in innovative specials and deals. They have recently announced the “All You Can Sit” special, which enables a client to receive all of the tattoo work they want to get as long as they can sit in one session. This comes at the surprising price of only $399. This price is extraordinary when compared to the price of what just a simple procedure may cost. A more complex tattoo may cost over ten times the amount of this deal.

We know that there are people out there that would like to get tattoos that would normally be completely price prohibitive. With the All You Can Sit deal, they can now afford to get larger tattoos that will cost them a fraction of the price that they would pay elsewhere. As long as they will sit in a tattoo session, we will work on them and it will not cost them any more than the initial price of $399.

At Torture Ink we hope that customers will stop going to small, unsanitary shops to get a cheap deal on a tattoo by an artist that is not qualified. Some people have tattoo parties where they have an artist come to their home and do multiple tattoos. This is unsanitary and dangerous, and hopefully with the All You Can Sit deal it will discourage potential clients from making these poor decisions. We want for them to come to us and get the tattoo they have always wanted. In turn, the visual impact may have an effect on others that see them, and they, too, will come to Torture Ink.

Another way one might utilize the All You Can Sit special is to come in for a cover up. Sometimes people want to cover a tattoo that they consider a mistake, or possibly a botched job by an unqualified artist. At Torture Ink, we can transform that unwanted tattoo into a beautiful work of art, and this special offer is a great opportunity to do so.

Whether it is a new work of art, or a cover job for an unwanted one, those who have taken advantage of this deal have been amazed at the amount of attention and work they received from the Torture Ink artists for such a small investment.

Torture Ink has been referred to as the “Tattoo Authority of the Northeast,” and for good reason. We are located in Enfield, Connecticut, and we serve the local community, but we service many clients from Hartford County, Springfield and Bridgeport areas, as well as Boston, Massachusetts. We have been in business since July of 2006, and our artists have over 20 years of experience. As a matter of fact, our artists use tattoo application techniques that very few other artists even know about. We are also one of about 30 tattoo businesses in the nation that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

In order to take advantage of the “All You Can Sit” special, contact Torture Ink at 888-451-9836 to schedule an appointment.