Enfield Tattoo Shop Torture Ink to Sponsor MMA Fight

Enfield tattoo shop, Torture Ink, has entered the ring of Mixed Martial Arts. On August 3rd, 2013 they will be sponsoring the 12-fight MMA Premier Fighting Championship 14 to be held in Agawam, Massachusetts at the Chez Joseph Event Venue.

Torture Ink will be sponsoring the co-main event as well as the main event fights. These bouts include Flyweight/Bantamweight Champion Marvin Maldonado verses Justin Kristie, and female MMA 125 lb. Champion Sarah Payant verses Danielle Hobeika. The doors open at 6:00 p.m. with the first fight scheduled for 7:00 p.m.

As the official tattoo studio for the event, Torture Ink will have one of the corner posts bearing the name of the studio that tattoo recipients are coming to recognize more and more all throughout the northeast region of the United States. As the fighter leaves the corner to enter the ring, the fight announcer will proclaim, “Out of the Torture Ink corner…” once again providing priceless exposure for the tattoo shop. Torture Ink will also be sponsoring the championship belts awarded to the fighters, which will bear the tattoo shop’s images.

“I’ve always had an interest in competitive fighting,” said Torture Ink Founder, John Improta. “I like the fact that someone who has honed their fighting skills can just come out of nowhere and advance up the ranks, regardless of who they are or what their background is. It reminds me of how Torture Ink has risen up from humble beginnings to become the best tattoo shop in the country.” Improta continued, “I figured that the ‘All You Can Sit’ tattoo special would be good to promote at the fight, because anyone who can take the pain like these fighters, can surely sit through a long tattoo session!”

One of the promotions that will be featured for the spectators of this fight night is the $399 “All You Can Sit” tattoo promotion. The special deal will be mentioned three times throughout the twelve-fight event. This unprecedented special deal was created for people who want larger works of body art at an extreme value. The clients taking advantage of this deal will no longer have to guess what their next tattoo will cost, and they will save time, as they needn’t shop around for “best price.” As much bodywork as the client can endure in one tattoo session will be included in the price. This deal is also applicable for those wanting to get a tattoo covered. Torture Ink will be giving away a gift certificate for an “All You Can Sit” session to one lucky winning spectator at the fight event.

Located at 654 Enfield St. in Enfield, CT, Torture Ink is one of the largest tattoo facilities in the country. Unlike the majority of tattoo shops, Torture Ink is one of the few in the nation that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

All of the skilled artists at Torture Ink are amongst the best in the industry, some of them having over 20 years of experience. They use contemporary tattoo techniques that very few artists are familiar with.

In addition to tattoos, Torture Ink provides high quality body-piercing services. They use the most medically safe and sanitary methods available, and provide an array of body jewelry to choose from right in the shop. Torture Ink also offers airbrushing and pin striping services, allowing customers to customize things such as motorcycle parts, helmets, or practically anything they want customized. Customers can actually get the likeness of their tattoo airbrushed onto the tailgate of a pickup truck or the gas tank of a motorcycle; the possibilities are endless!

To learn more about Torture Ink, and how you can take advantage of all they have to offer, contact them at 877-434-3054 to schedule an appointment.

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