Ink Individuality onto Your Body with Outstanding Body Art from Our Tattoo Specialists

If a picture says a thousand words, then Torture Ink can keep you talking for days on end with our custom tattoos. Make your mark more artistically with one-of-a-kind body art from our talented tattoo professionals in Enfield, Connecticut. Visiting our spacious body piercing and tattoo shop means you’re coming to the only physician-approved body art studio in Enfield. Stop by our tattoo shop today to choose from our wide range of body art, or create a tattoo of your own with help from our professionals.

Personalize Your Tattoo
Set yourself apart from other tattoo enthusiasts with superior tattoos from our shop. Whether you want a custom tattoo or choose 1 from our selection, you can count on it being created using a 1-time disposable process for maximum sterility. We tattoo in all kinds of styles, including freestyle, tribal, and script, and are also willing to work with any picture you bring into our tattoo shop.

A Word from Our Owner
After more than 20 years of experience in the industry, I decided to open this tattoo shop in the summer of 2006. My staff includes the most experienced tattoo artists in the area, and my shop includes the most sterile and sanitized tattoo and piercing environment available. You can enjoy private or group tattoo sessions within my state-of-the-art tattoo shop, or you can roam the property looking at all of the body art exhibited on the walls.

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