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Enfield Tattoo Shop Torture Ink Offers Unprecedented Deal

Torture Ink is an Enfield tattoo shop that is one of the leaders in the industry of tattooing and body piercing, and as such, they also lead the way in innovative specials and deals. They have recently announced the “All You Can Sit” special, which enables a client to receive all of the tattoo work they want to get as long as they can sit in one session. This comes at the surprising price of only $399. This price is extraordinary when compared to the price of what just a simple procedure may cost. A more complex tattoo may cost over ten times the amount of this deal.

We know that there are people out there that would like to get tattoos that would normally be completely price prohibitive. With the All You Can Sit deal, they can now afford to get larger tattoos that will cost them a fraction of the price that they would pay elsewhere. As long as they will sit in a tattoo session, we will work on them and it will not cost them any more than the initial price of $399.

At Torture Ink we hope that customers will stop going to small, unsanitary shops to get a cheap deal on a tattoo by an artist that is not qualified. Some people have tattoo parties where they have an artist come to their home and do multiple tattoos. This is unsanitary and dangerous, and hopefully with the All You Can Sit deal it will discourage potential clients from making these poor decisions. We want for them to come to us and get the tattoo they have always wanted. In turn, the visual impact may have an effect on others that see them, and they, too, will come to Torture Ink.

Another way one might utilize the All You Can Sit special is to come in for a cover up. Sometimes people want to cover a tattoo that they consider a mistake, or possibly a botched job by an unqualified artist. At Torture Ink, we can transform that unwanted tattoo into a beautiful work of art, and this special offer is a great opportunity to do so.

Whether it is a new work of art, or a cover job for an unwanted one, those who have taken advantage of this deal have been amazed at the amount of attention and work they received from the Torture Ink artists for such a small investment.

Torture Ink has been referred to as the “Tattoo Authority of the Northeast,” and for good reason. We are located in Enfield, Connecticut, and we serve the local community, but we service many clients from Hartford County, Springfield and Bridgeport areas, as well as Boston, Massachusetts. We have been in business since July of 2006, and our artists have over 20 years of experience. As a matter of fact, our artists use tattoo application techniques that very few other artists even know about. We are also one of about 30 tattoo businesses in the nation that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

In order to take advantage of the “All You Can Sit” special, contact Torture Ink at 888-451-9836 to schedule an appointment.