Monthly Archives: March 2013

Is a Tattoo for Everyone?

The quick answer is “no,” a tattoo is not for everyone. Getting a tattoo is a grand event, especially if it is someone’s first time. However, it should not be done “on a whim.” Because it will be with you a lifetime, a lot of thought and consideration should go into it. Perhaps you want to make a statement, commemorate a life event, or memorialize a loved or admired one. You may just want to beautify your body with a work of art. No matter what the reason, careful consideration should go into this decision.

At Torture Ink, we can actually make a temporary tattoo of the design you are considering, so that you can see just what it will look like on your body. If you love the way it looks, and it is something you feel like you want forever, then it would be a great move.

One other thing to consider is that getting a tattoo is painful. Different people have different pain thresholds, so the degree of discomfort will vary, but there is pain involved while the procedure is happening. Obviously, the amount of pain one must endure depends on the area of the body being tattooed, as well as how big the design is.

If you are entertaining the idea of getting a tattoo, feel free to come to Torture Ink to speak to one of our available artists. They are experts at what they do, and will help guide you through the decision process, and suggest design ideas and considerations you may not have thought of.